Have a cup of tea, or whatever you put in yourself to relax and listen to this with headphones please.

The music was made on a 4 track tape recorder. Recorded and Mixed by John B McKenna. Mastered by Duncan Young.

1. Torso in the Snow - A "christmas" song furnished with words collected during December of 2010. I spent half of that month in Sweden and Scotland.
2. Golden National Anthem - A song I'd like to dedicate to Carl Sagan as I was watching Cosmos at the time I wrote the words.
3. Help? - With a question mark please, in yr meta dataz.
4. Grass Tapes - Joyful chaos
5. Slow - A pop song
6. Krautpleaser - A chaotic collage of 5 krauty songs that I inevitably recorded since I got my 4 track.
7. Someone

Songs appear and disappear. Rooms and spaces expand and contract inside the skull. Some people I'm sure are lucky to experience images forming when they hear noise. It has only happened to me when I have been falling asleep. The first time I experienced it was as a teenager after staying awake all night; I heard a morning bird outside my window and the sound wasn't just a sound, but also a space, and for a moment a light went on inside the space. The space looked like a small curved room made out of wicker. More accurately described as looking like the inside of a massive wheat-a-bix. Most of these sounds will be in context enough so that they don't always form abstractions in the brain. However relaxing will allow you to enjoy the structures that have either been conjured or otherwise. So you might as wellust relax and enjoy it.

Recorded When: 
Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Release Date: 
Sunday, January 1, 2012