"Today 950+ people came out in the pouring rain to show love for refugees and the asylum seeking human beings our state refuses help. Together we gathered £2622, which went directly to the Glasgow Night Shelter. Amazingly, the event idea was conceived, arranged and publicised all within 10 days. All of the efforts were volunteered with 0 costs. Many we must thank (in no particular order):
- Glasgow Night Shelter for their ongoing work helping people who need it most
- All of the amazing musicians who believe in social justice and performed for free
- Eilidh, our compere
- the 'Winning Sperm Party' sound system
- Queens Park Arena who pushed us quickly through the application forms
- The musicians who submitted free music to be played on the stereo between performances.
- The people who supported the cause and selflessly helped promote the event in such a short space of time (mainly on Facebook).
- 'Inhouse Stewards' who collected money, cleaned up, counted people and explained what was going on to the public.
- Our poster artist, Benjamina from Govanhill.
- Our mysterious poster photocopying man, distributors and people who took posters in their shops.
- All of us who attended the arena, donated so generously and, for five hours, made an atmosphere that was peaceful, welcoming and nice."


We are excited to bring this free performance in support of Glasgow Night Shelter's ongoing work and their efforts towards a Women's Night Shelter for asylum seekers in Glasgow.

1.00PM Kaspar Hauser
1.25PM Beketi
1.50PM Bad Aura
2.15PM Sharptooth
2.40PM Smack Wizards
3.05PM Tut Vu Vu
3.30PM Sick of Talk
3.55PM Spinning Coin
4.20PM Lumboo Baig
4.45PM Gummy Stumps
5.10PM Richard Youngs
5.35PM Breakfast Muff

15 minute performances introduced by compere!

Free entry. Collecting Money for Glasgow Night Shelter.

* ALL AGES * normal park/public space rules apply

Sean Armstrong - Your Mind (music video)

Sean Armstrong (the man from Spinning Coin and all those other bands!)


SPINNING COIN are a new band from glasgow featuring members of passion pusher, breakfast muff, youngstrr joey, smack wizards, the yawns, neighbourhood gout, mr peppermint, eternal fags, plaaydoh...etc...etc...

Spinning Coin Gigs!
1st april - mono w/ beach beach + gerry love djing
4th april - glasgow zinefest '15 at stereo
5th april - all day gig at 13th note with loadsa great bands
13th april - mono w/ black yaya (herman dune)
18th april - fuzzkill records night with loadsa great bands
15th may - sheffield all day gig tbc
16th may - powerlunches, london
17th may - manchester tbc
23rd may - the bongo club, edinburgh at the hidden door festival
15th august - kraak gallery at manchester popfest

Some of our finest local music journalists are enjoying it too,
just saying stuff like...

  • "Gets better every time, and feels like a thousand little exploding suns when the chorus hits. So good." Don't Need No Melody
  • "After only a few months of playing together, those who haven’t caught them live have had to go on only a few videos of performances to get any idea of what they are missing" Gus Stephens, Don't Be Shit Zine
  • "Pimp's aural fug with make you feel compelled to return to it again and again." Glasgow Podcart
  • "From sprightly opener Hanging Gown and the melancholic first single Albany to shameless earworm Late Late Late and the menacing Neverends, (“hatred is a dangerous feeling,”) Spinning Coin’s first effort wears its heart on its sleeve and doesn’t disappoint. Lip-smackingly loveable indie pop tied up in knots." Ted Ralph, Mangroves
  • "Usually when someone whinges at me for not writing about their music more often the response is polite on the surface but pretty much just ‘fuck off’ in my head." Matthew, Song By Toad
  • "イージットレコードが何年も前からずっと追ってきたSean Armstrong(ソロに加えて、ブログでも取り上げたThe Yawnsでもおなじみ)、最近の注目株Passion Pusherでも活動中のベーシストCal Donnelly、Plaaydohなどで活動していたドラマーのChris White、そしてSmack Wizardsなどで活動しているJack Mellinの四人組。" Eejit Records, Japan
  • "Polished enough to be audible and not just a demo, lo-fi and laid back enough to retain that effortless cool vibe, the track will swim around your head for hours after listening. " Scottish Fiction
  • "Sean Armstrong, one of the singers in Spinning Coin, has just made available his solo version of 'Albany' and it's a dreamy, Alex Chilton-like affair. Plain lovely." Not Unloved

here is a video track of that Pimp song, which will not feature on this tape:


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